The Thistle Men, previously thought to be just one (see The Thistle Man), are an organization of serial killers. Once regular men who were overtaken by the concept/idea of pure anger, hatred, and malice, they transform over time into Thistle Men, their bodies change and their malice taking over their minds. The United States government seems to be aware of their crimes and actions, but have taken no actions against it, because, as it is later discovered, they are funding it as a part of a bigger scheme. The police force/authorities also know about the Thistle Men and are known to turn a blind eye to their actions, either out of fear or loyalty through the fear. There are some people, involved in the police force, such as Officer Campbell from Georgia, and the secretary from the Duchess County Sheriff's department in Poughkeepsie, New York. However, Officer Campbell is murdered, presumably by a Thistle Man, although the secretary is assumed to still be alive.

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