The Monk of Crystal Springs is the seventeenth episode. It was released on June 27, 2017.

Official Summary Edit

Once a man lived at the Crystal Springs Rest Area. He doesn't live there anymore.

A Knock Knock Joke Edit


[left speaker] Who’s there?

[right speaker] Hoo.

[left] Hoo who?

[right] Like an owl, get it?

[left] Yeah, I get it.

[right] You’re not gonna let me in, are you?

[left] No I’m not.

[right] But who would make owl puns for you?

[left] I’m going back to bed.

[right] Listen, wait. Listen.

[left] Yes?

[right] There’s this brick wall where no two bricks are the same size, within which there’s this window with a perfect map of the world and fingerprints. Below which there’s this heater coughing up the first dust of winter, on top of which there’s two jackets, one scarf, three gloves. Anyway, I saw a van tip over on 26th Street, and it reminded me of you.

[left] I’m going to bed.

[right] OK. Good night! Good night. [sighs]

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