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The Last Free Place is the eleventh and first episode of part two. It was released on April 4, 2017.

Official Summary[]

A dangerous meeting in the last free place.

A Knock Knock Joke[]

Knock knock.

[left speaker] Who’s there?

A sense of well-being.

[left speaker] A sense of well-being who?

A sense of well-being. A touch of the hand to snow. The way it feels good until it doesn’t. the way it only hurts later. The way that the world seems lighter, as in illumination. And the way the world seems lighter, as in weight. And the way the world seems lighter, as in stress. The way it seems like we’ve hidden all that was ugly under our fresh start until the friction of our movement starts churning all that was hidden back to the surface. Because it always resurfaces, because the dead return, because light reverses. Aren’t you glad I didn’t run screaming into the woods, never heard from again physically, impossible to stop hearing memory-wise?

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