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Signs & Wonders is the fifth episode of season one. It was released on May 3, 2016.

Official Summary[]

The billboards have something to tell us.

Plot Developments[]

  • Strange billboards are by the side of the road with black text on a white background
  • The only objects brought by Keisha when she left are a stack of books and Alice's laptop
  • Nickname Chanterelle revealed
  • Alice received a second salary from Bay and Creek Shipping, and was repeatedly lying about her travels
  • First mention of Sylvia Parker Sr.
  • The Thistle Man revealed to be a serial killer
  • Alice communicates with Keisha
  • First mention of Sylvia Parker, though not by name

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?[]

Because she looked one day, and there was a structure there. Imagine a spire. No, higher than that. It had crystalline windows, and crystalline walls. It swayed in the wind, the wind sang against it. Imagine a spire. No, higher than that. She was crying before she knew it. Before she knew it, she had one hand over her mouth and one foot in the road. She was standing in its doorway. She had already crossed the road before she had known it. The tower went up, and up, and up. She went into it and went up, and up, and up. Imagine a spire. No, higher than that. And that is why the chicken crossed the road.