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Keisha Taylor[1] is the main character of Alice Isn't Dead, and married to Alice, the eponymous character of the show for whom she spends season one looking for. Her nicknames include Chanterelle and Chipmunk.


Keisha grew up near or in an agricultural area, as she has mentioned spots such as a pond that was filled with agricultural run-off that she swam in once with friends, and a strawberry farm stand she and her family would frequent. She has never mentioned parents or siblings, although it is assumed she grew up in a house with parents, as well as being close with her aunts, uncles, and cousins. She seems to have had a happy childhood, as her stories from when she was a kid have been good memories.

In High School she dated a girl named Mindy Morris, whom she dated until college, where they eventually grew apart and broke up. Mindy and Keisha were friends first before dating, and while they were dating, Keisha wanted it to be a secret while Mindy didn't, but it was kept a secret. Keisha notes however that she was pretty sure people knew regardless. After this, she decided on staying single, at least for the time being, until, three days after her break up, she met Alice in a study group and thought "Well shit." .

Before beginning her trip to find her wife, it is mentioned that Keisha held an office job. The exact nature of the job is unspecified, only that it involved prepaid credit cards.

Notes, trivia and behind the scenes info[]

  • Keisha is voiced by Jasika Nicole, who also voiced Dana Cardinal on Welcome to Night Vale.
  • Keisha has an anxiety disorder.
  • Keisha’s name was not revealed until the season one finale. Before then, she was only called Chantarelle, but stated that it was not her real name.
  • Keisha grew up near an agricultural area, mentioning a pond filled with agricultural run-off that she swam in once as a kid, and a strawberry farm stand she would frequent.
  • Keisha and Alice lived somewhere in California before Alice disappeared. Keisha mentions going to college in the Bay Area (Central California, includes San Francisco.), which is where she meets Alice, and they have an apartment there for awhile. It is assumed that they eventually move into a house in California as that is the area she is near when she mentions going home for awhile in season one.