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Hank Thompson, originally known as The Thistle Man, the Hungry Man, and Vector H, is the main antagonist of the first season of Alice Isn't Dead. The Thistle Man is characterized by his particularly violent and often sadistic nature. He and the other Thistle men are all described multiple times to smell of soil, decomposing earth, fruit going bad, and other similar things, all earthy smells. He is killed by Keisha in Thistle.

Like most Thistle men, the Thistle Man takes enjoyment in causing extreme torment to people, murdering and attacking people seemingly just because he can. He is described as an unstoppable force of nature for most of season 1 before his death, with exceptional strength, agility, and an incredibly high tolerance to pain.

Hank Thompson[]

Hank Thompson, as described and discussed by Alice in the season 3 episode "What Happened To Hank Thompson", was once a human. As a boy he was cruel and mean, but was not taught to be like that, it just came to him naturally. He hated anyone and anything that didn't look or act like him, and would cruelly bully/attack anyone who wasn't like him. While his classmates were not as 'directly cruel' to others, they did nothing to stop his bullying either. He once threw a large rock at a boy two grades below him named Theodore, because Theodore was different from him, and the boy collapses. It isn't known what happened to Theodore after, but he isn't seen at school again, and Hank is proud of it.

As a teenager, at sixteen years old, Hank is shaving in his yard and notices a flap of skin on his face. Since it didn't hurt when he touched it, he decided to ignore it. As the years go by, Hank transforms more and more into the Thistle Man he would become, his eyes becoming baggy, skin sagging, eyes turning yellow, but didn't go to the doctors because he didn't trust them. He started to lose his ability to talk, only saying randomly put together words that weren't words, although he would eventually be able to form sentences again when he starts to stalk Keisha and several others. Decades go by and he stopped aging, honing his hatred and anger, turning it into strength and power. His first kill is a man behind a supermarket, and, after flees to his house, horrified. However, at the home, looking at himself in the mirror, he realizes he finally felt powerful and free. He abandoned the house he lived in and went on a highway killing spree, eventually drawn to the Thistle town in California an unknown number of months into this spree, finally coming to the place he was 'meant to be'.

The Hungry Man/Thistle Man[]

In the first episode of the series, Hank, now a Thistle Man, encounters Keisha in a truck stop diner, eating eggs and watching her. After invading her space and talking to her, he tells her he's going to show her something, and, grabbing a random trucker named Earl from another booth, goes outside. Once Keisha goes outside as well, Hank takes a big bite out of Earl's neck, killing him and effectively showing Keisha what she is up against, as she flees in her truck. He follows Keisha around the country for a time, letting her know he is watching, before disappearing for awhile. He reappears in the back of her truck a few episodes later, and, after a couple of checks where Keisha doesn't see him, she pulls over in a Target parking lot, opens the doors to the back, and is attacked by Hank. When she fights him off, a cop has arrived, called by someone in the parking lot, and asks what is going on. Keisha tells him what happened, only to realize, to her horror, the cop works with or is connected to Hank in some way, and she isn't going to be helped.

Eventually, Keisha discovers the Thistle town in California, and Hank is there. When she decides to try and destroy the town, she has a final showdown with Hank, surrounded by other Thistle Men. She shoves a handful of heather into his mouth, causing him to stop his advance, choke, and run off. Keisha chases him into an abandoned diner's freezer. There he taunts Keisha as they fight, and Keisha, enraged and scared, eventually gets the upper hand in the fight and kills him in the freezer.


  • In Omelet, Keisha (the Narrator) describes the Thistle Man as having long, grease stained fingers and yellowed nails. He wears a yellow baseball hat and a disgusting, filthy polo shirt with the word 'Thistle' on the right breast. He is also described to walk 'like his legs weren't muscle and bone but sacks of meat attached to a torso' and Keisha says his teeth were 'an impossibility of spacing and angle.'

Significant Actions[]

  • in Omelet, the Thistle Man asks the Narrator if she 'wants to see something funny', and grabs a nearby man, calling him Earl, by the neck, dragging him out to the parking lot, and took a bite, a huge chunk of Earl's armpit, right at the artery. After this, he begins to dig into the wound, pulling out bits of Earl and devouring it the same way he had eaten his omelet earlier in the episode.