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Go Home Again is the ninth episode of part one. It was released on Jun 27, 2016.

Official Summary[]

She goes home. But something is waiting there for her.

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?[]

Because there is power in movement. Not any particular movement, not dance (although also dance), not athletics (although also athletics), but movement. Just the absence of stillness. Just anything that takes a person from one spot to the next. And if there is a why, then so be it, but it is inconsequential to the fact of it. The fact of air in the lungs. The fact of feet, and a road. The implications of a road, and what it means to not go down that road or back the way you came, but perpendicular. To cross it. To make that move. Because the secret is, it was not to get to the other side, or to any other place. Places are beside the point. But just for the power of crossing. Of movement. That is why the chicken crossed the road.