Alice Isn't Dead Wikia

Badwater is the sixteenth episode. It was released on June 13, 2017.

Official Summary[]

Two voices in a desert.

A Knock Knock Joke[]

Knock knock.

[left speaker] Who’s there?

[right speaker] Interrupting cow.

[left] Again?! Interrupting cow who-

[right] Yeah, that’s me.

[left] OK, but what I’m saying is-

[right] I’m the Interrupting Cow, what do you want from me?

[left] Sure, but…

[right] Are you going to let me in or not, it’s cold out here? Everyone wants to just have a conversation through a closed door, like that’s a thing people do, like that’s OK. It’s not OK, you know? It’s rude. I have been searching for shelter. I’m sorry I’m interrupting, but did you ever consider you have nothing worthwhile to say?

Hello? I’m sorry.

[left] Interrupting Cow who?

[right] Hungry and lost Interrupting Cow who just wants to stay still for a little while.

[left] I understand. Come in.

[right] Thank you. Thank you.

[left] It’s no prob-

[right] Moo!